Customer Satisfaction Awards” (CS-Awards)

Customer Satisfaction Award is considered the seal of excellence for local businesses in the world. The award not only constitutes the crowning achievements of their efforts, but more importantly it also represents the most valuable reward of all, the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers. Customer Satisfaction Award is a most prestigious tribute to businesses that serve their Customers / clients well, based on responses from millions of Pakistani consumers and business customers who used the products and services being rated. These Awards reflect the trend what consumers of these products and services have actually about them. Customer Satisfaction Awards established by “Consumer Voice Pakistan (CVP)” and “Consumer VOICE Magazine” collaboration with “Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)” Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan on occasion of 30th World Consumer Rights Day 2013, with the Theme of Consumer Justice Now..! , With the support of “The Consumers Eye Pakistan (TCEP)” and USF Consulting Group –Research Division. Customer Satisfaction award (CS-Award) empowers consumers and promote business excellence in Pakistan. CS-Award recognizes organizations and individuals that have implemented successful customer service strategies which result in sustainable, successful businesses. Organizations from across Pakistan in different categories will be judged by industry experts, business leaders, NGOs, academics. The program is encouraged by all levels of government, Consumer NGOs and by business leaders.